About Us


Everblazing is an innovative and creative company with experience providing comprehensive coordination of all project activities from research to market (Audience). With a technically strong background in web development, digital marketing strategy, and computer graphics (CG).

We offer a proven ability to conduct creative analysis and design best-fit solutions for multi-faceted campaigns including Interactive media, Web design, Digital photo manipulation, Web development, Designing banners, Whiteboard Animations, 3D animations and Video Editing to promote products and services through strategic adverts placements on social media and other platforms.

3D Animations

We create exquisite characters and props (models) used for clients animated videos. We also create Intro videos, Promo videos, Logo animations and lots more…

Other Animations

We make Professional Whiteboard Animations, Motion Graphic Animations, Kinetic Typography Animations, Animated Infographics, Animated Logo and more to promote our clients Products and/or Services.



Some major components of pre-production phase are script writing, sound recording, story boarding which helps to finalize the development of the storyline.



It’s here the actual work starts, based on the guidelines established during pre-production. Some major parts are layout, modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animation.



These include the editing of raw footage to cut scenes together, inserting transitional effects and more. The three main phases of post-production are compositing, sound editing and video editing.

Amazing Voice-overs

We provide professional voice-overs for your projects. Just provide the script and choose your preferred accent.
(Note: We have American, British, and Australian English for Male and Female Voice-overs)


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